The Hunger Games

Whether you’re young or old, all ages have enjoyed and will keep enjoying the greatest book series on earth; The Hunger Games!

The  whole reason why people love both the movie AND the book is because there’s never been anything like it! The idea of fighting to the death in front of your whole country wasn’t in Harry Potter or Twilight; only the Hunger Games has it. The whole “fresh” theme also has dangerous mutts, an intoxicating love triangle, an evil President, and a huge revolution to top it all off. Plus the main character knows how to shoot a bow and arrow—that’s cool!

Selling over 10 million copies has given it a world-wide pedestal. So many people have been talking and writing about it that it’s hard to find someone who’s never heard of the book series. Most people probably just read it in a day, wait two months, and read it again.

This spectacular series has captured and fully entertained  the eyes of all ages and will keep doing so for a very long time.

A Great Poem

Stormin’ Mornin’

The voltage builds
As electrons swept
From trailing edge
To some front they crept

As the earth turns
They fail to keep up
In moisture churns
They gather abrupt

As raindrops fall
The water collects
Oxygen worlds
Amidst their own chests

The valance orbits
Of the extreme moons
Gravity weakened
As repulsion wounds

Pressure overwhelms
Micro universe
External planets
New systems converse

the reason that I love this poem is because of the spectacular imagery. I love the words like churns, swept, and crept—it makes me feel like I’m actually apart of this rainstorm!

Alpaca World!




On Thursday, one of the best dreams of my life occurred when my iPad was handed to me in the Science Wing. Although I had a lot of trouble hoplessly trying to set up my account, as soon as I could buy some apps, I selected Alpaca World!!!

This app is where I can have a farm FULL of alpacas with my personalized names. Juan, Blueberry—anything that I want! I also go to the city and buy cool accessories for my alpacas that they can show off. You can even save up enough money to buy more rooms for your farm so that you can have MORE beautiful alpacas.

Something that I like to do on the app is to fight with wild alpacas on beginner hill. While fighting, if I like the color of one alpaca, then I’ll capture and make it my very own!

Getting this app on my iPad has become a dream come true and I don’t think that I’ll get tired of playing with my pets anytime soon.

Photo by Ivany Patel

Glass Making





The dry, blasting heat of the oven, the heavy, dark metal rod in your hands, and your echoes bouncing around every corner of a whole studio made just for you. Twisting, turning, and shaping molten glass with metal clamps and creating something one-of-a kind is my dream. Although it would probably take me a long time to learn the art of making glass.

Glass making has enchanted me since I was little just by the fact that glass comes from sand, and that this same sand can become a goopy, flaming hot ball on the end of an iron rod. I’ve also always been curious about how people can make tiny details, edges, or add-ons without even using their hands! In glass shops, every delicate piece looks like a beautiful creation—and always perfectly made. Some famous glass makers even make HUGE statues and chandeliers on display in certain cities or museums; taking MONTHS to finish.

If I were a glass master, I wouldn’t make ten foot wide chandeliers, I’d make glass chairs, glass bikes, glass cars, glass shoes, glass wigs—I’d make glass EVERYTHNG!!!!! The reason for this is because it’s mysterious and fun! The reason why it’s so mysterious is because nobody usually wears a glass wig around town, but if they did, people would ask ALL about it. It’s also fun because glass can be tinted to whatever shade of color you want—you can even swirl colors, and shape it into whatever shape you want. Big or small whatever I’d made, it would always be interesting.

So whether it’s a massive statue, a bike, or a trendy wig, in pink, purple, or turquoise, big, or small, creating a beautiful and one-of-a kind glass piece in my very own echoey studio will forever and always be one of my top dreams.

Photo Credit: <a href=””>Corvair Owner</a> via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Behind the Dark Mirror




Through the magical mirror is the crude tunnel way down to the depths of the opera.  Stalactites  cling to the uneven ceilings; dripping milky liquid into puddles on the jagged ground. On and on the tunnel keeps leading down, down, down. Finally the journey ends and the metal studded doors loom above with strange knives hung on strange thread…a wiry thread…mangly thread…HAIR!!! But even past the door are faces of victims—their skin cut off completely and hung like trophies, hanging by the nooses that strangled them.

Suddenly, a rat scurries across the floor and stops at the water’s edge. The innocent lake looms ahead; misty, but crystal clear. The light plays deep shadows and bright twinkles on its surface and the rat decides to go for a drink. As the rat drinks, ripples of water travel quickly across the surface of the lake. A huge wave emerges and bursting from it is a huge, slimy, green tentacle, battered and  bruised through the years of being in the lair. Quick as a flash, with only a squeak from the mouse, the mutant tentacle reaches forth and wraps around the mouse. Then down they both go. The surface of the lake is almost as still as it was before when the Phantom starts playing his organ.

The menecing notes pounding through the pipes with every punch of his fingers. The echoing and  bouncing throughout the room giving a harmonic pitch to each note. You can clearly see he’s lost in a deep trance while furiously pounding the music. You want to go closer. You want to see his face. You want to hear more. Creeping closer and still closer. Only it’s too late until you don’t hear any more music and you feel nothing at all.


Photo Credit: Storm Crypt via Compfight cc

Expository Writing on Why Nail Polish is so Annoying








Beautiful sheen.

Flawless gloss.

Bejeweled rhinestones—all of these mark the essence of perfectly done nails. Perfect until you smear and scratch the tiny little jewels and gooky, undried nail polish right off of yo hands!!! Even though nail polish is fun and easy to express yourself with, it is so annoying! but even before the smears, is the smell.

This is because, while you have to carefully stroke your nails with your nose half an inch away, all the terrible, toxic fumes are sucked up your nose and smeared across the room. And depending on the nail polish: cheap, expensive, thick, watery—the smell can be musty, or even sweet!

Nail polish is always a double whammy because after the stink, comes the mess ups. Whether it’s smearing you gunky nails all over you fingers, or chipping and scratching them within half an hour, the mess ups are always naggin’ at that little part of your brain.

At the end of the day, you look at your raggedy nails and always think back to when they were so perfect!!! And all of these factors add up to why this pretty little paint is so extremely annoying.



Photo Credit: gwen via Compfight cc

Rainy day Imagery

Fog was in dense heavy layers at the bottom of hills. Car headlights gleamed small amounts of light on the puddled, soaking roads. Drizzle bubbled on the windshield before the wipers pushed them to the side and onto the puddled road. I settled back against the car seat and and ate my “after-breakfast-snack-because-I-was-so-tired” orange cutie. I wanted to go back to my house and lie down, I wanted to go to school and find a movie marathon playing in the cafeteria, I wanted to wear “comfy clothes”– but most of all I wanted to close my eyes just like the dark, massive, looming sky had closed out the sun.

Photo Credit: daBinsi via Compfight cc

Halloween Front Porch

“Are you sure you want to go to that house?” The three trick or treaters stand at the curb, a lion, a witch, a turtle. The lion pads towards the house and says, “they probably have huge-sized candy, come on!” The turtle slowly steps up the curb and the witch glides behind- all of them tense, but anxious awaiting their candy. The house is covered by tall trees as they walk down the never ending driveway. Happy little Halloween decorations stand in the bare dirt on both sides of the driveway mocking the whole happy, cheerful mood of Halloween. With no lights, the dark driveway seems like a tunnel of nightmares beckoning them into death’s reach. All f a sudden… BOOOO!!!!!

I am the one who…


      I am the one who…


…isn’t allowed to use a blow dryer because my mom thinks it will “mess up” my hair.

…always helps my friends because I don’t like leaving anybody in the dust.

…loves to do handstands over and over again, relishing the “whoosh” of blood to my head.

…likes sprinting because when my stride is right, I feel like my feet don’t exist and I’m flying.

…found out that I really enjoy teen-pop magazines because I get wrapped up in the colorful halo around me.

…wakes up without an alarm clock each day at the same time out of habit.

…reads mystery novels because it’s intriguing to find out who committed the crime.

…shoots pretty good free throws because my aim isn’t “terrible.”

…wishes I could get colored  contacts so that my eyes would be the color of shining emeralds.

…tackles anything I put my mind to because I like accomplishing things.



photo credit: smcgee via photopin cc